Product Returns Policy

Product returns policy

The customer retains the right to return the products purchased, within 30 calendar days from the date of delivery. The return of products is free of charge. The products being returned must be in their initial condition (sealed, complete and without any damage).

The shipment of the first change by the company is free throughout Greece, as long as the total value of the products in the initial order is over €39, but there are €3 shipping costs, if it is under €39. For each additional change, the reshipment of the product costs €4. The change of a product at Cyprus is free of charge. The reshipment of the product costs €9. The return process will be accepted only by the same courier that the product primarily delivered to your address. If a pricing differentiation occurs with the product you will choose to replace your primary order, the amount will be deposited either at our bank account or using cash on delivery. In any case, primarily the customer must return the product within 30 calendar days and afterwards will do the reshipment of the product.

False deliveries

If the shipment you received does not correspond with the product of your order, you have to submit your request at the home page tab “contact us” or contact us at phone number +30 22520 33034 within 3 days from the delivery of the product. Then at the following 14 days you have to send it back to us. In that occasion there is no extra charge for the replacement of your product.

If for any reason you wish to return the product purchased and you are not interested in replacing it with another, you have to submit your request at the home page tab “contact us” or contact us at phone number +30 22520 33034 stating the reasons of the purchase cancelation. The e-mail must be sent within 3 days and the shipment must be made within the next 14 days from the sending of the e-mail. Once the return has been made and is clear that the product has not been used, the company will contact you for a change. The products and the packaging must be in excellent condition and must be accompanied by all the accompanying documents: Retail receipt and other accessories such as labels – insignia inside the box, etc.

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